Electronics RecyclingElectronics RecyclingGEEP recovers raw materials through environmentally responsible demanufacturing of electronics. We use sustainable business practices in order to achieve a near zero-landfill goal.
Asset Management Services/ITADAsset Management Services/ITADGEEP offers solutions to manage the full life cycle of IT assets. We guarantee our customers data security, maximum value recovery and environmentally safe practices.
Commodity TradingCommodity TradingThe GEEP trading team offers competitive pricing and a full range of processing capabilities of precious metals, ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics and fibres.

How GEEP Edmonton Recycles Old TVs

Responsible. Sustainable. Secure.

Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) is committed to responsibly managing the consequences of the electronic age. We provide the means for safe reuse and recycling of electronic waste.

As a leader in managing the complete lifecycle of IT assets, we assist companies in data secure refurbishing, asset remarketing and maximum return on their investments with end of life recycling.

We believe in a sustainable future. Our mission is to encourage consumers and businesses to reuse whenever possible. When that isn’t feasible, we strive to achieve a zero landfill objective with a maximum recovery of natural resources all with environmentally friendly operational practices.

Recent News

27 Aug 2014

GEEP Barrie Supervisors do the #IceBucketChallenge for @ALSCanada

Supervisors from GEEP-Barrie’s A-Shift were challenged by Operations Supervisor, Rick Deschamps to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS Canada. Staff on their lunch break looked on as they each nominated 3 more people to the challenge and then got dumped with ice cold water out of coolers overhead. With the humidex hitting […]

23 Jul 2014

What happens to end-of-life electronics?

Ever wonder how electronics’ recycling really works? Watch the Electronic Products Recycling Association’s video showing what happens to end-of-life electronics. Using electronics today also means recycling them for a cleaner tomorrow!          

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