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Felices Fiestas & Lo Mejor para el 2018!

Al mirar hacia atrás en este año, nos enorgullece que juntos

hayamos hecho una diferencia para lograr un futuro sostenible.

Le agradecemos profundamente su apoyo y colaboración.

Esperamos continuar trabajando con usted en el Nuevo Año.

Nuestros mejores deseos de parte de todos en GEEP.


*Favor contactarnos directamente para el horario de

Final de Año de cada Division*



GEEP Press Release: Forgotten Treasure in Recycled TV is Returned

GEEP – Responsible Electronics Recycling in Action.

Forgotten TV Treasure to be Recycled is Returned to its Rightful Owner

(GEEP Barrie Facility and Cash Found)

GEEP is pleased to announce that Barrie Police Investigative Services have returned a forgotten treasure left inside an old TV, recycled at GEEP’s Barrie facility, to its rightful owner.

As reported by Barrie Today, Barrie Police Investigative Services have spent the past month trying to trace back and return the found treasure to its owner.

On January 13th of this year, an old television was dismantled at our GEEP Barrie facility, located at 220 John Street, when an employee found a cash box inside the TV with over $100,000 cash and some personal banking records, dating back over 30 years ago, to 1985.

The GEEP employee reported and handed over the items to the General Manager and police were involved to handle the matter accordingly.

GEEP commends the honest actions of our employees and staff and are happy to hear the money has been returned to its original owner.

For full details – Please see our Press Release