GEEP E-Waste Collection Events

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During the month of April, GEEP will be co-hosting various e-waste collection events across North America. Many are open to the public and require no drop off fees. We encourage everyone to bring their old, broken or unwanted electronics to these events. GEEP will ensure all items are responsibly and securely recycled. Together we can manage the consequences of the electronic age, through sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling.

Follow GEEP via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to see if any events are being held in your local area. Search the hashtag, #GoGreenWithGEEP or #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference for updates and photos.

If you do connect with us at one of our collection events, you may receive a GREEN ‘thank-you’ in return: a GEEP seed pack or GEEP seed pen! Both items are embedded with seeds and are biodegradable. When planted in a pot of soil, the seeds will grow, while the rest will compost away, leaving behind beautiful flowers or even a pine tree! Some events also feature a draw for a new electronic device. To be entered, you must drop off an acceptable e-waste item.

Celebrate with GEEP this Earth Day – HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! These events will be easy to spot with our new a-frame signs!