RPN Highlights GEEP Alberta Sites, March 2019

Mark Schell (GM of GEEP’s Calgary and Edmonton facilities) must be getting used to the spotlight, as GEEP Alberta was featured as the recent cover story in Recycling Product News’ March 2019 issue. With a circulation across North America, being featured on last month’s cover, accompanied by a seven-page spread, is no small feat!

The piece focuses on GEEP Alberta’s position within the ITAD and electronic recycling industry:

  • GEEP Calgary site: primary focus is ITAD (IT Asset Management) services. These services extend the useful life of electronic devices by wiping them clean of any data to allow for secure repurposing and eventual resale.
  • GEEP Edmonton site: works closely with the City of Edmonton and is a dedicated end-of-life facility. Each year this site securely and sustainably processes millions of pounds of electronic waste, diverting it from landfill. 

The article highlights the importance of data security and compliance and its priority to GEEP. No matter the site or service, GEEP provides clients with official certifications which states that their electronic assets have been data wiped or end-of-life equipment has been destroyed. The highlighting of physically secure sites, standardized procedures and annual audits strengthen this commitment.

Mark also speaks to the evolution of electronics manufacturing, material separation processes practiced at GEEP as well as challenges faced with battery and plastic handling.

So, please go right ahead, click the following link and learn everything there is to know about GEEP Alberta!