#GoGreenWithGEEP 04.22.2019

After 49 years (and quickly approaching it’s 50th anniversary in 2020), Earth Day has become the world’s largest environmental movement! Connecting over 1 billion people across more than 190 countries, this event is vital to educate, celebrate and activate global initiatives. With a mix a political action and civic participation, this event confronts global challenges with the intent to promote/provide responsible alternative solutions that ensure the protection of the Earth for future generations.

GEEP also believes in a sustainable future. As a global leader in managing the complete lifecycle of IT assets, we provide the means for safe, secure and compliant reuse and recycling of e-waste. We strive to achieve a zero-landfill objective by extending the useful life of electronic devices; through absolute data erasure they can be refurbished and repurposed without any security risks. If this is not possible, our end-of-life services provide maximum recovery of natural resources through compliant and environmentally friendly operational practices. GEEP annually processes 127+ million pounds of e-waste and securely manages over 635,000 electronic assets.

GEEP will be participating in several events across North and Central America, celebrating and collaborating with individuals, companies and governments. Follow our corporate social media accounts (@GEEPGlobal via LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook and Instagram) to learn more about these upcoming events and how you can participate! You can also search the hashtag, #GoGreenWithGEEP.

If we do connect in-person, you may receive a GREEN ‘thank-you’ in return: a GEEP seed pen! This item is biodegradable, with the base containing pine tree seeds. Once pen has been used, dispose the refill, plant the pen and watch it grow!

Unfortunately, the world today faces many challenges and it is our responsibility to join together to provide solutions to achieve lasting changes. Celebrate with GEEP this Earth Day, because #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference!