La Republica Features GEEP Costa Rica

In relation to World Recycling Day (May 17), the publication ‘La Republica’ featured GEEP’s Costa Rica team and facility to shed some light on responsible waste management. The article explains the three waste categories found in Costa Rica, with the final category ‘special handling’ relating to electronic waste. ‘Special handling’ items must be managed in a compliant and responsible way – to keep toxic elements out of landfill and prevent harmful exposure. Unfortunately, e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, and there is a need for people, companies, municipalities and governments to act now and develop a waste management strategy. This is where GEEP steps in …

In the article, George Faeth (GM of GEEP Costa Rica), explains the responsible e-waste management services offered by GEEP and the importance of recycling. The overall hope is to revert climate change -but recycling also plays an important role in saving natural resources, reducing pollution while generating jobs.

Click to read the full La Republica article.

YouTube video that showcases GEEP Costa Rica facility.

Facebook live video from May 17, 2019 (World Recycling Day).