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Certifications & Awards

The quality of our products and service, protection of the environment and our employees, and recovery of natural resources are fundamental corporate priorities at GEEP. We take a pro-active approach to managing our business and support an environment that fosters continuous improvement. We educate and motivate our employees to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to achieving heightened awareness and sensitivity toward Environmental, Quality, and Health and Safety best practices. Please see our Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety Policy  below for more information.

GEEP locations are certified to the highest standards achievable for operational and recycling excellence and have been recognized with numerous awards in the fields of recycling and sustainability. Please see below for a list of site-specific certifications.

Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety Policy
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GEEP Site-Specific Certifications
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GEEP Awards

GEEP Certifications

R2 Certification
e-Stewards Certified