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End-of-Life Recycling

GEEP is a leading provider of cost effective, environmentally responsible electronics waste recycling. Our processes are designed to effectively utilize the resources of redundant electrical and electronic equipment through the recovery of raw materials used during manufacturing. With a zero landfill goal, we mitigate any risk of environmental liability, compliance or negative publicity as result of the demanufacturing process. We boast one of the most comprehensive state-of-the-art processing facilities for e-waste and offer tight controls and innovative solutions to the waste management process.

We offer our clients:

  • Secure chain of custody logistics with tracking and controls
  • Receiving and Inventory management with weight, scale tickets, and bar-coding documentation
  • Data security solutions if required
  • Fully automated Inventory and Destruction Process controls
  • Tight quality control and yield consistency
  • A focus on Environmental health and safety at all facilities
  • Destruction certification provided for all materials processed

End of life recycling pile of scrap